February 2017
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Imperial America: Reflections on the United States of Amnesia

Imperial America: Reflections on the United States of Amnesia

Gore Vidal

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 156025744X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Gore Vidal has been described as the last ‘noble defender" of the American republic. In Imperial America, Vidal steals the thunder of a right wing America—those who have camouflaged their extremist rhetoric in the Old Glory and the Red, White, and Blue—by demonstrating that those whose protest arbitrary and secret government, those who defend the bill of rights, those who seek to restrain America's international power, are the true patriots. "Those Americans who refuse to plunge blindly into the maelstrom of European and Asiatic politics are not defeatist or neurotic," he writes. "They are giving evidence of sanity, not cowardice, of adult thinking as distinguished from infantilism. They intend to preserve and defend the Republic. America is not to be Rome or Britain. It is to be America."

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thing, Bush seems not to care whether he offends the decent opinion of mankind. He gives tax cuts to friends, thus reducing government revenues, while engaging in what looks to be a series of wars in pursuit, presumably, of most of the world’s oil reserves. Although a relatively sane (if perilous) case can be made for nailing down for the United States all fossil fuels (predicted to run out in 2020, according to a report prepared for the vice president by councilors whose names he will not share

product that only employees of the manufacturer can ever take a look inside in order “to protect trade secrets.” It is not explained how the simple registering and counting of a ballot could involve a trade secret of any kind. In great detail, Bev Harris, a splendid journalist-patriot, has investigated not only the various machines, but the various CEOs and technicians behind them. I suggest that anyone who is alarmed at how the hijacking of the central power of the people took place—is taking

place—read her book, Black Box Voting (Plan Nine Publishing). 4 In October 2002, Bush signed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) providing $3.9 billion to replace the nation’s old worn-out punch-card and lever machines with their high error rate. Replacing with what? The three interested companies were ready with Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) systems like the touch screen. There was only one flaw: DREs are less accurate than punch cards; worse, interested parties can program them to overturn

weapons and the Russians did not, when the Soviet Union was still in pieces from World War II and we were incredibly prosperous. Those who questioned the Bank’s official line were called “commies” or “soft on communism.” Needless to say, in due course, the Soviet Union did become the powerful enemy that the Bank requires in order to keep its control of the third republic. The business of our third republic is war, or defense, as it’s been euphemistically called since 1949. As a result, of the

The regnant minority is genuinely terrified of a new constitutional convention. They are happier with the way things are, with half the electorate permanently turned off and the other half mildly diverted by presidential elections in which, despite a semblance of activity, there is no serious choice. For the last two centuries the debate has been going on as to whether or not the people can be trusted to govern themselves. Like most debates, this one has been so formulated that significant

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